What is Cultured Marble?


           Cultured marble, a type of solid surface, is made from a mix of polyester resin and marble stone dust. It is cast or formed in a variety of standard and custom molds to make bathtubs, whirlpool decks, shower pans and wet walls, windowsills, bathroom fixtures,table tops, window sills and vanity tops with a surface that resembles marble. Though it is a less expensive alternative to real marble, it has 4 times the strength of natural stone.


            Because cultured marble is made with a molding process, it allows incredible design flexibility compared with stone. For instance, only engineered composite manufacturers can make a bathroom vanity with integrated bowl (or bowls). The manufacturing process encompasses several steps.One step uses a non-porous gelcoat on the counters and sinks which seals the product and prevents later mold and bacteria growth and staining.



How is Cultured Marble made?


        Cultured Marble is a precise blend of polyester resins, catalyst, fillers, and pigments.  It is thorougthly mixed and placed into open molds which are coated with a clear or colored gel-coat.  The gel-coat is specially formulated to produce a tough, durable, non-porus, and shiny surface.  It is extremely stain resistant and easy to maintain.The shape of the product depends on the mold used.  The colors and veining of the finished product depend on the specific formulation and the techniques of the manufacturer/pourer.  As such, each manufacturer produces his own specific finishes and colors. Miami cultured marble inc  provides their customers with a wide selection of colors (both solid and veined background), and has a broad range of molds, shapes, designs, and sizes available to meet your needs.  We can also fabricate special pattern molds to accommodate unusual sizes and shapes.



What are the advantages of Cultured Marble?


        The outer layer of gel-coat provides the ultimate strength to the cast material.  It also makes the final product water proof, durable, and resistant to chipping.  Depending on the finishing process used, the gel-coat can provide a shiny surface or matte finish to the final product.  Since the final objects are cast in a mold, the finished products have minimal seams and when properly installed, using 100% mildew resistant silicone, the seams are virtually leak proof.  Over the last 10 years, raw materials and manufacturing techniques have dramtically improved, allowing you to enjoy your purchase of cast marble products in their original luster for years to come.